Raskot Hospital shall have 15 indoor beds with Clinical, Administrative and Residential Area. The hospital is a single stored prefab structure of total 1534 Sq. m floor space.


The proposed hospital shall be constructed at Gautu-4, Raskot municipality, in 11.28 hectors of land provided by local government on lease for 40 years.

Building Area/Zone

Clinical Zone

    • Reception/Billing and Pharmacy
      This unit is adjacent to each other considering the crowd segregated. The reception counter works as billing counter as well.Separate and queue is made for emergency patient, pregnant women, children under 5 and for older people (age>70).
    • OPD
      The facility shall be planned keeping in mind the maximum peak hour load and shall have scope for future expansion. Name of Department and doctor, timings and user fees/ charges shall be displayed. Layout of the Out Patient Department shall follow the functional flow of the patients: e.g.
      Reception/Registration → Waiting → Sub-Waiting → OPD → Billing → Treatment/Diagnostics (lab/X-ray) → Pharmacy → ExitThe OPD area includes, General Clinic, Treatment room, Separate        room for gynecology and internal examination (privacy), Separate room for ECG/USG.Room shall have, for the admission of light and air, one or more apertures, such as windows and fan lights, opening directly to the external air or into an open verandah.
    • Emergency Department and Inpatient department
      At the moment, the emergency cases are being attended in ER department which is attached to inpatient units. The Emergency ward constitute of Patient trolley and Wheelchair parking area. Emergency department shall have separate entrance with Bold and marked Signage, which is accessible to direct road connection. The emergency ward shall have 4 general beds, 1 treatment bed and 1 bed in isolation room.
      Emergency Department → Treatment → Billing → Pharmacy/Diagnostic → IPD/Discharge → Exit
    • Common Nursing Station
      The nursing station shall be cantered such that it can serve both ER department and IPD department. Nursing station shall be spacious enough to accommodate a medicine chest/a work counter (for preparing dressings, medicines), hand washing facilities, sinks, dressing tables with screen in between and color coded bins (As per Biomedical waste management guideline). Nursing station shall be common working area for Nurses, Health assistants and Assistant Health workers.Ancillary rooms shall be separate rooms in ER/IPD area which will act as resting rooms for nurses.
    • Operative ward and Maternity ward
      Operation ward compromises of Operation theater and Pre and post-operative rooms which also includes other supporting wards likepreparation room, scrub room, anaesthesia room, CSSD, storage area for sterile supplies.The same unit compromises of Maternity ward, with delivery room and post maternity room which is sufficient to support maximum 3 cases per day. The ward of compromises of special room for neonatal care adjacent to delivery room.
      Emergency Department→Treatment →Billing → Pharmacy/Diagnostic → IPD/Discharge → Exit
    • Diagnostic (Radiology and Laboratory)
      Diagnostic service compromises of both laboratory and Radiological services. The hospital will be equipped with Grade D laboratory standard with microbiology lab. All the necessary reagent, glass ware and supplies are stored in the storage.

Administrative Zone

This zone compromises of rooms for offices of Hospital Director, Hospital Manager, Matron, Community Health Officer, and for Accountant and IT officer. Additionally, this zone includes staff tea room with library, IT server and administrative inventory.

Residential Area

Resident is provided for all staffs inside the hospital premises. Following residential infrastructure are developed for hospital staffs with all basic necessities to provide them a homely environment:

  1. Hospital Director’s Residence
  2. Staff Residence
  3. Resident Block

The Hospital Resident area accommodates 9 staff with one common kitchen mess for them.

Ancillary area:

  1. Security House
  2. Oxygen storage house
  3. Power House
  4. Laundry Room



Sports and Recreation

Temple Area

The area is located inside the land provided to the hospital. The proper hospital shall be constructed nearby the temple area, preserving the temple and its renovation shall be carried out understanding the spiritual role of Gods in improving health.

Signage and pathways

All the signage are used in Nepali and English language which shall be illuminated board. All the interconnected units are connected by pathways and direction shall be given in each intersection. Floor plan will be presented in front of each ward.

Disaster Prevention Measures

Hospital design is prepared on the basis of Hospital emergency preparedness plan. Each department will be provided with exit mark which shall be illuminated.

Each department will be provided with fire extinguisher and fire hazard plan will be implemented.

Summary Zone, Function and Space


S.N. Zone Function Dimension and Area
Clinical Zone
1. Reception/Billing and Pharmacy Registration & Record storage, Pharmacy (Issue counter/Formulation/Drug storage) Dimension: 7.32m*6.30m, Area: 39.87 sq.m
2. General OPD Examination & Workup (Examination Room, sub waiting), Consultation, also constitute of treatment , ECG, Dimension: 15.72m*6.58m,

Area: 89.88 sq.m

ultrasound,injection& dressing room
3. Emergency Department and Inpatient department Emergency care, Isolation room, Traige space, Nursing station (Nurse desk,clean utility, treatment room, store, trolly bay) patient area (bed space, toilets, Day space, Isolation Space) Ancillary rooms (Doctor On Call room, Nurses duty room, Public utilities, circulation space Dimension: 28.86m*15.26m,

Area: 440.22 sq.m

4. Operative ward and Maternity ward Patient area (Preparation, Preanaesthesia, post-operative resting) Staff area (Changing Resting) Supplies area (trolley bay, equipment storage, sterile storage) OT, Operating and Labour room, scrub, Central sterile services department,

Disposal, circulation space

Dimension: 29.11m*11.37mm,

Area: 331.10 sq.m

5. Diagnostic (Radiology and Laboratory): Laboratory, sample collection, washing disinfectants storage, sub waiting, Imaging (radiology, radiography), Preparation, room, change room, toilet, control, treatment room, sub waiting, public utilities Dimension: 15.16m*13.41m,

Area: 164.60 sq.m

Administrative Zone General Administration, general store, public utilities circulation space, Public health room, Account and IT room,

Server and storage room, Tea and Library room

Dimension: 13382mm*8509mm, Area: 190.87 sq.m
Residential Area
Hospital Director’s Residence Residential space for Hospital director Dimension: 7.02mm*4.47m, Area:

31.34 sq.m

Resident Block Residential Space for Doctors, Matron, Community Health Officer and Hospital Manager Dimension: 7.72m*3.25m, Area: 25.07 sq.m
Staff Residence Residential Space for other healthcare workers and kitchen mesh. Dimension: 28.06m*5.06m, Area:

141.90 sq.m

Ancillary Area
Wash Room Dimension: 8.15m*3.13m, Area: 25.59 sq.m
Total Area 1534 Sq m