Rabi Lamichhane Foundation was established under the chairmanship of popular media personal Lamichhane. Lamichhane is one of the most beloved media-person working in Nepal. Regardless of having the best job prospects in the United States, his deep patriotism to his motherland Nepal has brought him back to his country with a big passion to serve her in his little way. In Nepal, he hosts a hugely popular television show, “Sidha Kura Janta Sangha”, which addresses the root causes of different problems of the country. His personality, the substance of the show and his style of presenting has made him the most popular media-person in Nepal and his popularity has spread nooks of every populace heart. Lamichhane questions government for various issues on corruption, riot and propaganda that has been happening within the country and also appreciates the government work which benefits the society development. He aimed to find the root causes of the society and national conflicts and gives the solution for those problems, aiming the transfer of the society. He had leaded the campaign and successfully built and handed over 54 houses for Mushar Community in remote Saptari, whose houses have been flooded away by Flood and Landslide in 2017. He has also helped countless people in their need through his media or leading the campaign for fund-raising in their need.

Vision Statement

A country where every citizen participates and has equal opportunities in developing a civilized, cultured and suitable society.

Mission Statement

To dedicate the important aspects of human life for the benefit of the human beings.

Core Values

Service to others , Optimism, Honesty, Commitment

He has stayed on the air for more than sixty-two hours during a live show by News24 Television, which is a Guinness Book of World Records. To set the world record for longest talk show, he interviewed politicians, journalist and celebrities on the theme “Buddha was born in Nepal” and took phone call from viewers.

In his show “Sidha Kura Janta Sangha”, he makes a real-time connection between the public and the responsible person about issues. People have some problem with someone that may be a governmental officer, business person, including a number of Nepalese celebrities and so forth. The show is one of the most people watched show and has already reached more than a four hundred episodes. His way of asking the question to the politician makes everyone feels that he has something potential and Lamichhane is something different from all others media-person present in the country. Uncovering the bitter truth and giving justice to the people, he has been successful to be in the heart of all Nepalese populace.

An amiable person who apprehends feelings of the deprived society of Nepal, Lamichhane is now leading the campaign to build, Raskot, Community Hospital, a 15-bed rural digital community hospital in Raskot.

Rabi Lamichhane Foundation has signed MoU with Raskot Community Hospital, so as to build Raskot Community Hospital in rural Kalikot. The Foundation accepts charity from around the world and is open to collaborate with Government and Government bodies to build the hospital and has done agreement to with Raskot Municipality to handover the hospital to Raskot Municipality.