Current Status of Raskot Hospital (Former raskot community hospital)

Raskot  Hospital was officially started form Baisakh 15, 2076 (April 28, 2019) in a 2 storey, 11 rooms building in Ranagaun, Raskot provided by Raskot Municipality. The hospital is operated at ground floor and staff resides in first floor. Current hospital is 45 minutes walk from construction site. After the completion of construction, the hospital will be shifted to the new set up.

Dated from Baisakh, 2076 to Chaitra , 2077 hospital has completed its 24 months of work and served more than 7000 locals.

Total number of Patients 7451
Total Number of Emergency 414
Total number of USG 1220
X Ray 1100
Lab 3275
ECG 251

Out of total cases, 12% were below 5 years old and 22 percent were above 50 years (50 year is average life expectancy of locals). Current Hospital setup is led by Medical Officer (MBBS) at site and other health professionals. The current institution compromises of following:

S.N. Name Designation Qualification
1. Dr. Bhoj Bam Thakuri Medical Officer MBBS
2. Kaushal Neupane Hospital Manager MBS
3. Bharat Shahi Health Assistant D. in General Medicine
4. Ramita Sanjyal Staff Nurse PCL in Nursing
5. Kashi Baral Medical Lab Assistant 18 months course in Laboratory (TSLC)
6. Min B. Thapa Auxiliary Health Worker AHW course
7. Yubaraj Neupane Auxiliary Health Worker AHW course
8. Amar B. Giri Office Assistant CMA course
9. Padam K. Rokaya Cleaner – Part time Literate
10. Bhadram Bam Cleaner – Part time Literate


Currently, hospital is serving following services, General OPD, Ultrasound, X ray, ECG, Upgraded Lab of standard E, Pharmacy service, Emergency and Inpatient Service.

So far, the hospital have served around 7500 local population of Raskot municipality and adjoining rural municipalities. Out of them, 86% are from Raskot Municipality, 10% are from SanniTriveni Rural municipality, 3% from Pachaljharana rural municipality and rest from Narharinath and Palata rural municipality.

Major diseases were handled at existing Raskot Hospital and few emergency interventions were handled. Those cases which needed operational intervention were handled properly and referred timely to higher centers..

During its service, it has been found that, the major ten diseases were, Acid peptic disorder, Muscular skeletal pain, Skin infection, upper respiratory tract infection (URTI), Gastro enteritis, Vaginosis and Pelvic inflammatory disease, Urinary tract infection, Lower respiratory Tract infection, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and eye infection and ear infection.

S.N. Diseases % of diseases
1 Acid peptic disorder 25.81
2 Muscular skeletal pain 11.77
3 Skin infection 7.02
4 Upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) 5.16
5 Gastroenteritis 4.96
6 Vaginosis and Pelvic inflammatory disease 4.31
7 Urinary tract infection 3.63
8 Lower respiratory Tract infection 2.74
9 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 2.50
10 Eye infection and Ear infection 2.46


The hospital conducted Patient Satisfaction Survey and reports suggested very satisfied patient. The patients expressed happiness for quality service in the hospital, and more for getting those in their neighborhood. The people are in high hope that 15 bed hospital set up will size their health problems not only in terms of receiving care but also on expenses they bear for travelling to Manma, Jumla, Surkhet or Nepalgunj.

The hospital has also participated in forum of Raskot Municipality for making Health related policy. Rural Nepal lacks expertise on policy making. Our Doctors shared their expertise in policy making, which can be taken as significant achievement in policy making process in new Federal Nepal. The hospital has also signed an MoU with Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS) for support in health workforce, research, training and academic activities. The hospital also conducts community health programs for the health promotion, health awareness and health education, in collaboration with different non-for-profit sectors. The hospital has conducted and participated in multiple health campaigns in the region since its establishment.

Current Status of the project

The hospital which is running at 45 mins walk from construction site is functioning well even at the time of Covid Pandemic. All staffs at hospital suffered from Covid during their service, still are on a fight against COVID at local level. COVID has also hampered construction.

Construction of hospital was supposed to complete on Kartik 7, 2077 but due to lockdown and massive landslides that hit this year, the final deadline was postponed to Chaitra 15, 2077.